Shane Laurie

Shane Laurie

Shane is no stranger to Body Beyond Beyond Limits. He was a member with us a while back and absolutely killed it. But life got in the way and he had to leave us for a while.?

Then in april he made an AMAZING come back in our latest 42 Day challenge.. Killing it at training and smashing the criterior..There is no stopping with his training.

Here are a few words for this legend...?

Joining the 42 day challenge wasn't really about losing the kgs for me it was more to hold myself accountable to getting back into the gym and eating the right foods for my body. I've lost over 20 kgs with body beyond bootcamp/limits previously when I used to train with mick and the guys before getting an injury at work which prevented me to get to the gym and led to a downward spiral of crappy eating and no exercise which led to me putting 30kg back on. I was at the point where I was struggling to get out of bed or had little to no energy for day to day activities. So when I seen the ad pop up on Facebook I took it as a sign to get my butt back into gear and smash it out as I knew the guys at BBL would help me get results and change my mindset the same way they have before and at the end of the 42 days and 14.5kg lost and a whole new outlook on life the challenge was definitely a success and the outcomes I set for myself were definitely achieved ???

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