With years of experience and a whole lot of heart our trainers are friendly, happy and give you the personalised experience at Body Beyond Limits.

As well as personal training, all our trainers are qualified coaches who provide their specialist knowledge to personalise your training and help you really smash your health and fitness goals. See below how to book in and contact our trainers.


Wanting to get started in the gym or need to get moving?

Our knowledgeable and professional team will have you setting goals, enthusiastic about training and motivated.

Price list:
1 on 1 training:

  • $80 – 60 mins
  • $70 – 45 mins
  • $50 – 30 mins
  • 12 Block PT buy 10 one hours sessions, receive 2 free – $800

Small group Training

Couples training
Train with your buddy

  • $90 – 60 mins
  • $80 – 45mins
  • $60 – 30 mins
  • $25 each for 4 people
  • 30 each for 3 people
    *conditions apply

Click here to book>> https://bit.ly/CHALSCAN

1. Go to Personal training

2. Choose your trainer

3. Click on the days you want to train and see their availability.

4. You will receive an email and so will your trainer

5. At the bottom of your email you are able to CANCEL or RESCHEDULE.

To enquire about coaching please contact the team

Mail: bodybeyondlimits@outlook.com
Phone: (+61) 411 321 255
Website: bodybeyondlimits.com.au