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Body Beyond Limits

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You are required to make a booking to join in on our classes. If you are a casual person or would just like to try out a class please make sure you fill in our casual visit form

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Body Shift Challenge

Body Beyond Limits Body Shift Challenges We run just a  few challenges each year and are very selective with who we choose to do our challengers. There are a few reasons for this 1.We like to keep our content potent […]

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Personal Training/ Coaching

?️‍♂️⚡️BODY BEYOND LIMITS PERSONAL TRAINING AVAILABLE⚡️?️‍♀️ Wanting to get started in the gym or need to get moving? Our knowledgeable and professional team will have you setting goals, enthusiastic about training and motivated From Left:?Josh Sinclair – PNBA champion and […]

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Group fitness|Descriptions| 2020

Our Group fitness classes are second to none in the hunter and surrounds. Our trainers are dedicated professionals who like to mix up each session so that you never get bored. Please make sure that if you wish to attend […]

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NOW WITH NO CONTRACT OPTIONS and NEW CLASSES for the SUMMER We have customised our memberships to suit YOU.This means that you will only be paying for the facilities you use. Each membership has 3, 6 and 12 month options […]

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Meet our Team

MEET OUR TEAM With years of experience and a whole lot of heart our staff are friendly, happy and give you the personalised experience at Body Beyond Limits. We pride ourselves on our family friendly environment and our great customer […]

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About Body Beyond Limits

Body Beyond Limits is an independent gym owned and operated locally in the Newcastle area. We love having families at our gym and Every member is a part of the Body Beyond Limits family. We focus on helping people bring fitness, health and wellbeing into their lives however that may look, we are here to support you and your family.
  • Gym Programs
  • Kids area
  • Kids nutrition
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Dedicated and experienced Trainers
  • Nutrition guides and challenges
  • Group fitness classes
  • Personal Training
  • Small group Personal Training
  • New and well maintained equipment
  • Mindset and Macro meetings once a month
  • Gym info and how to use the equipment sessions once a month
  • Caretrac and My Fitness Passport available

Making Excuses burns ZERO calories per hour!


Can I adjust my workout hours?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding  the hours that people train for optimal results. Yes there are some varied benefits of training fasted in the morning, the reason being the lower glycogen levels will help you burn fat faster […]

PT and Gym Programme

As a member of Body Beyond Limits you will receive a PT and Program at a HEAVILY discounted price. Our dedicated Personal Trainers will create your programme for you and will show you how to use it effectively when you […]

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What are the best workouts to do for weightloss and fatloss

We believe that HIIT and tabata are fat burning workouts however if you really want to change your body composition we recommend a few weights sessions in there as well for both men and women. Allow me to explain. I […]

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  • Wednesday05:00 - 09:00 PM
  • Thursday05:00 - 09:00 PM
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Contact Us

Address: 26 Kalinya Close, Cameron Park Mail: bodybeyondlimits@outlook.com Phone: (02) 40 498 402 Website: https://bodybeyondlimits.com.au


  • 42 Day challenge success story After 3 pregnancies, including 2 with gestational diabetes and being diagnosed with and treated for thyroid cancer, I was in need of some self care…….. I have always been on the larger side and always […]

  • 42 Day Challenge Success Story Ok so I had been feeling a bit down on myself for a while have been slowly growing out and not up for a while ! Also being a single father with two teenage daughters […]

  • When i started lifting at BBL 6 months ago, i weighed in at 106 at my heaviest. Now my last weigh in was 90 and some change. This is for 2 reasons. 1) i like the atmosphere there. The place […]

  • Exactly 12 months ago I came across Body Beyond Limits on fb & signed up to do a 60 day nutrition challenge! Best decision EVER!! Since joining BBL I have done 3 challenges & see Mick once a Wk for […]

  • I have trained at BBB since the early days. Between boot camps, PT sessions in the shredded shed and learning how to eat properly my wife and I lost 50 kgs between us. I was excited about Mick opening up […]

  • Body beyond limits has changed my ways in life, after taking that first step into a 30 day challenge I knew this is the new me!I felt full of energy, lighter, more motivated and fitter just in first couple of […]

  • 72KGs Down! Hard work and struggle and it never get easier, but it’s worth it. You just need to keep fighting the battle in your mind and that’s what I love about BBB and BBL.. Michael O’Sullivan and the team […]