Kerrin – Muscle gains challenger

Kerrin - Muscle gains challenger

I’ve been training at BBL for around ten months now and couldn’t be happier with the results I’m achieving. Consistent training and healthy eating has never been a strength of mine but the motivation, guidence and support provide to me by the bbl team has been just what I needed. I first started training with mick because I wanted to learn how to train my body properly and I needed someone to push me and motivate me, which he certainly has done. I am continually seeing results and hitting new pb’s, i also feel like I’m learning something new with every session from different training techniques to the importance of fueling your body with the correct foods and resting your body when it needs it. I can’t recommend bbl highly enough, the gym, fitness classes and boot camps have something for everyone and cater for all fitness levels. Thank you to all the trainers and staff at bbl that make it the best gym in town.

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