42 Day Challenge Success Story

Ok so I had been feeling a bit down on myself for a while have been slowly growing out and not up for a while !

Also being a single father with two teenage daughters kept me busy. I didn’t think I would have time to do something like this and had a poor diet too much beer.
So I thought what have I got to lose, if I can finish the 6 weeks that’s an achievement in itself if I can get my target that’s a bonus !
The first fitness test freaked me out and made me realise how unfit I actually was ! I stuck to the food nearly all the time and did at least 3 bootcamps a week, plus a weights session or two. I could see and feel changes after the first week!!!
Mick and the staff all kept me motivated along the way
The boot camps were fun , had a few laughs met some good people along the wAy. Shred was / is my favourite bootcamp on a Monday at 5pm!
The gym wasn’t full of tossers or he men so I felt comfortable.
Got my body scan done at the half way point.It was pleasing to see I was heading in the right direction.
The trainers were awesome, gave lots of great advice didn’t make you do anything that wasn’t safe or you were not capable of.
I Got to the end which I was stoked about but the
Bonus was I got my target!!!
Self esteem is great, health is great and I’m feeling on top of the world!!
I have a new way to live!!!
Feel healthier and a lot more energy
I Can’t thank mick and his staff enough
Top job crew!!!!