I have trained at BBB since the early days. Between boot camps, PT sessions in the shredded shed and learning how to eat properly my wife and I lost 50 kgs between us. I was excited about Mick opening up his Gym but a wasn’t really a Gym person. I continued with the bootcamp session but decided to give the Gym ago around September last year. I love training in the Gym as well as doing bootcamp. The people who train at BBB/BBL are inspiring and supportive. It’s great to see how far some people have come on their health and fitness journey and it’s good to see the new members who are just starting. A big thanks to Megan Chapman who puts up with my sweat every Monday, all the awesome Trainers at BBB/BBL, Michael O’Sullivan who is a great coach, but most of all too Kerrilyn Jeffery who is my inspiration. I’m now fitter, faster, stronger and my Karate has improved greatly as a result.