Exactly 12 months ago I came across Body Beyond Limits on fb & signed up to do a 60 day nutrition challenge!
Best decision EVER!! Since joining BBL I have done 3 challenges & see Mick once a Wk for a PT session…I’m down 8kg & almost 60cm!! Not only have I improved my physical state but my mental & emotional state!

I’ve made some great new friends through BBL too! Everyone is so friendly, welcoming & helpful!!
Being a wife, mum & business owner juggling a 60hr working week & trying to give the best of myself gets hard..id find myself turning to comfort foods & wine to get through the busy lifestyle.. 
Since joining BBL training 4-6 mornings a week has given me so much more energy & a positive outlook to each day, & taught me how to fuel my body with the right nutrition..I still enjoy a wine & indulge myself with “sometimes” foods but as Mick has taught me moderation is the key to success!!