Hi, I'm Michael O'Sullivan PT owner of Body Beyond Limits.

I have been sharing the life transformations of my clients for many years on my Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/BodyBeyondLimits1/ and what I really want is YOURS. If you have been following us and just don't know how to reach out just hit contact here or go to our facebook page to get at us through messenger and it could be YOU I am sharing next....

This is the story of how we all started.

4 years ago I dedicated my life to change minds and bodies. Starting off with a kettlebell, a pair of boxing mits and 2 girls in my backyard my passion grew into the beginning of #BodyBeyondBootcamp

As time went by members grew to over 200, men, women and children training in my camps every week.
I then added my online nutrition program, Beyond Limits Body Shift, which has had so much success and lifestyle changes than I ever imagined.

my passion developed and i opened #BodyBeyondLimits www.bodybeyondlimits.com.au
This amazing gym was created with sweat, tears, lack of sleep, hard work and longer hours than you could imagine. I’m most proud of the amazing members that are growing each week. They respect, support and most of all have fun with each other along their healthy fitness journeys.

@Bodybeyondlimits is booming and we want you to be a part of this amazing gym. #BodyBeyondLimits crew and I will take that kettlebell and 2 girls I started with as far as I can. ✌️