COVID has been tough for all, but something we learned is how quick life can change!

Due to COVID class restrictions we plan to sell only
another 100 group fitness memberships and another 50 Fitness Passport memberships!
We are really happy with the AMAZING people we have now and how we are keeping our classes small
and would rather not run 2 classes for each session if possible!

We're only selling another 200 gym memberships also from this day forward
as we simply want to keep the gym small, personalised and Family oriented.

We really love this little gym and LOVE helping people achieve amazing results and for some we have been a lifesaver!
In saying this BBL faced some serious issues during and even after Covid and almost had to wrap it up
But we knew it would have been snapped up by a franchise and we couldn’t let almost 8 years of blood, sweet
and tears go to waste! So the team worked super hard to keep the doors open and continue to do so now and into the future!

As a result we are implementing the following,
as we want to keep BBL going
in the future after the massive loss we have had during COVID!

  • All NEW I SAY NEW Fitness passport members that want UNLIMITED group fitness that sign up after
    September 15th will be $9.95pw. This includes anyone that hasn't yet been in to grab their green tag!
    Our group fitness is like no other and this is an amazing offer still.
    (Please note if you ALREADY have a green tag and support us you're FREE for life
    and if you are a gym only member this does NOT affect you this is for class members ONLY.)

Healthy regards,

The Team at Body Beyond limits