Meet the trainers – ASHANNA

Ashanna first discovered the asana side of yoga 6 years ago and has been on a committed journey ever since. .
After years of pursuing a career that didnt allow her to follow her path. She had the incredible opportunity to move to Cambodia to live and work at a Yoga and Meditation Retreat Centre as the Office Manager. This experience acted as an immersion into the core of yogic practices and inspired Ashanna to return to Australia to become a teacher and share everything she learnt.?
Immediately after completing her YTT in November 2018 she eagerly began teaching and exploring herself further as a teacher; embracing her own unique style. She believes that one of the best aspects of being a yoga teacher is that you are blessed with the opportunity to guide students deeper within themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.?
?Specialising in Vinyasa and Yin, Ashanna has the ability to intuitively read her students and customise her classes to cater to all levels. She aims to make yoga approachable, accessible and enjoyable for everyone so that they too can fall in love with the practice that has the powerful ability to help you embrace your true self and live more in alignment with your life. ?‍♀️?‍♂️

?Join Ashanna Tuesday night’s at 6pm for a 60minute balanced flow of yin and yang postures. Whether you have been practising yoga for a while or have never tried it before, this class caters to all levels. You will leave feeling relaxed both mentally and physically. The classes typical start by awakening and preparing the body for the sequence ahead. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much of a work out you can actually get from doing yoga. The class then ends with some poses that you will hold for a longer period of time to allow for deep relaxation. So come and give your body and mind the TLC It deserves!”?

March Member of the Month – Ingrid

Member of the month – INGRID

We had exercised in the past but did a bit then stopped, several times!
Working full time plus a side hustle and 3 sporty kids left us little time for ourselves but this year was different!
Hubby and i committed to train x3 a week and had no idea when or if but here we are, 8 weeks in and have had awesome results so far!
I didn’t realise my middle was marshmallow, and when the clothes start to feel tight, it was my time and my mind was on its a game!
I love the meal plans and the re-feed, I don’t miss out on any foods and have had minimal slip ups
I’ve still got lots of goals to achieve but with the help and support of Mick, i’m well on my way
Watch me become a chiselled marshmallow ??

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Muscle Development

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