1 year in and 10kg down! I remember when I was first considering signing up to a gym. Full of concern about how
I’d fit it in as a busy mum, about how I’d do the workouts being fairly unfit, and about how I’d feel comfortable in a gym.
I also remember speaking with Mick. In this first call he reminded me about the importance of giving something back
to myself as a mum, about the importance of feeling healthy, about his gym was different – it was a family, and full of great
trainers and supportive members. And it was all right!! I just had to take that first step!! Turn up. Stick to it. And before you
know it, you’re in, you’ve done it – You’re part of the BBL family. My life has changed and all it took was believing that I did
have time and I do deserve to have something for myself other than just being a mum and a worker. So to those in the first
steps of considering If this is for you – take that first step!!!



We have watched Jenna not only lose weight but come completely out of her shell since joining BBL. She is one heck of a dedicated lady with a bunch of kids in tow, she’s made herself a priority for a few hours a week and her whole family benefits from it! She is also super supportive of us which we are so grateful for! Well done Jenna. We’re proud of you!

I joined BBL 3 months ago shortly after my 3rd child was born.I had put on double the amount I had with my previous children and was so incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin.

I bit the bullet and started with 30 day challenge.

I was so shy and hesitant at the start I almost didn’t turn up to a class,but Mick and my amazing PT Cass were so encouraging that I went on to lose 12.5 kilos in 3 months.

I actually give myself the time every single week to look after myself as a busy mum.Im still busy as ever but have SO much more energy!

I have gone from dreading the run up a hill to putting my hand up to run the second pole😂I can not recommend BBL anymore than I do, It’s unlike any other gym I have joined and so happy to have stumbled up on it! I can not wait until I see where I am at in 6 months time



Thank you doesn’t even come close in being able to express how grateful we are to all of you you made the decision to support us and your health by keeping your memberships active.

This has been a tough time for every single one of us to go through, but we have gone through it together, supported each other and we will come out of this stronger.

Your support is a testament to the wonderful community we have here that feels like a family. This space is your home and we can’t wait to welcome you back into the gym with open arms (at a 1.5 meter distance) on June 13th.

Even if you no longer train with us, our doors are always open to you!

Much love and a lot of gratitude from your dedicated BBL Team.



We are eagerly awaiting the next phase of restrictions being lifted and anticipate that it will be soon. Here at BBL we are already getting the gym ready for you to get on track with your fitness goals and feel as motivated and supported as ever.

Currently in the gym we will be implementing our COVID SAFE PLAN that includes more regular cleaning, readily available hand sanitizer for you and our equipment and Social distancing of 1.5 meters between members, trainers and equipment. It will also involve you assisting us and your fellow community here by not coming in to train if you feel unwell and adhering to all new regulations.

We’re all in this together so please have a thorough read of this information in our COVID SAFE PLAN to understand how we will be ensuring everyone’s safety as we help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

2. To attend these sessions, you MUST book in. Anyone who turns up with no reservation and the cap has been reached will be asked to leave. Please head to our Website to book or click here https://bodybeyondlimits.com.au/book-now/…. THIS IS COMPULSORY as we must adhere to Government protocol.
3. Please note that If we don’t have sufficient numbers, we may have to cancel the class. We require a minimum of 8 participants per class. In the case that this class will not run you will be notified by staff.
4. WET WEATHER: Due to the classes being outside, If the weather is not conducive to running our training sessions you will be notified by staff.
5. Please do not park in any area of the car parks at the gym property. Please use street parking only to allow enough space for us to run the classes.
6. In the event that we add more classes to our schedule you MUST wait at your vehicle away from the training space until the previous class finishes and go directly back to your vehicle at the end of your session.
7. 2 minutes before your session starts, please walk to the designated area in the car park or netball courts and wait at the marked space.
8. You may not congregate at the gym and watch the previous or next class. You may not stop and socialise with other gym members before or after your session on gym grounds.
9. You must maintain 1.5 metres distance between you and any other gym member/coach at all times during your session or whilst on gym property. This means no hugs, high 5’s, fist pumps, foot taps under any circumstances. We know this is going to be difficult because we haven’t seen each other for quite some time, but it’s imperative that we respect and abide by the law and protect each other.
10. As per the attached Covid Safe Plan. If you have any symptoms of sickness or fall into any of the vulnerable categories you are requested to remain with “at home” training! We reserve the right to turn you away for the safety of all members.
11. FITNESS PASSPORT MEMBERS: If you are currently on Fitness Passport membership plan with Body Beyond Limits, it is a $5 fee to be JOIN US. If you’re already paying to be in our active group you do NOT have to pay the $5. And as per discussion this week are looking more than likely to have zero extra cost for Fitness passport members when we reopen as previously mentioned.
12. CURRENT ON HOLD MEMBERSHIPS: The fee will be $5 per class. If you wish to re-activate your membership and receive access to our BBL Active group for only $10 a week, please request through email – bodybeyondbootcamp@outlook.com or give us a call (0411 321 255). Within this group there is so much information, and support provided here to help with all aspects of your training including talks from our Nutritionist, Mindset Coach and Exercise Physiologist. We’ve even got extra classes with our trainers including Yoga to help you destress and stretch your muscles.

The purpose of this document is to ensure compliance with COVID-19 National and Statement Government Operating guidelines, State, and Local Legislation and the National Fitness Industry Code of Practice.

General Operations
Check-in process for staff and customers to mitigate the risk of transmission (i.e. they don’t have symptoms or are supposed to be in quarantine) and ensure they understand the new facility rules?
Member communication regarding “Stay at Home” list distributed and placed on OUR BOOKING SYSTEM, this includes:
• High Risk Individuals
• Persons with flu-like or covid symptoms
• Persons in self isolation for any reason which would require this, such as; returning from travel, known association with a sick or tested positive individual, waiting for results of a COVID-19 test after showing symptoms.
• Potential testing of individuals prior to entry into the gym.
High-risk / vulnerable individuals
• High Risk Individuals as defined by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, are requested to remain with “at home” training.
Time limits on facility use
• Member communication regarding session times and arrival/departure processes is distributed via email and social media.

Social Distancing
How will your facility limit the number of people in the facility at any one time to comply with social distancing requirements, and how will this be monitored and enforced? Items to be considered:
• All members are required to reserve their participation in training sessions in our booking system to ensure reduced capacity in line with government requirements is maintained.
• Training spaces to align to these numbers will be marked
Rooms/Area off limits
• Members participating in outdoor training sessions in accordance with Stage 1 government guidelines are forbidden to access inside the gym unless using the toilet.
• Toilet visits are restricted 1 person at a time.
• All persons must perform thorough sanitation of hands prior to entering the building and afterwards before returning to their allocated training space.
• Shower facilities are off-limits.
• Kitchen and other gym areas are off limits unless a medical, first aid or safety incident requires access to items within these areas.
Entry and exit points to the facility and individual rooms
• Communication regarding member arrival and departure processes will be communicated via email and social media platforms.
Gym space and positioning of equipment.
• Training spaces to meet maximum outdoor training session requirements will be marked.
• No equipment is to be shared between members during any single session.
• When we open our gym, we will adhere to the government guidelines we are given to ensure everyone’s safety.

cleaning/waste management protocols?
STAGE 1 – ONLY (outdoor training) All surfaces & touch points which may be shared between sessions will be sanitised prior to the next session commencing.
STAGE 2 – When we receiving the guidelines we must adhere to we will ensure to implement them to ensure everyone’s safety.

Contact Tracing
Reservation requirements
• All members attending training sessions must reserve via our booking system and sign-in to confirm attendance.
• All members are recommended to download and activate COVID Safe app during training session attendance.
What are the procedures to refer to authorities with member access logs and permitted contact details for the purposes of contact-tracing with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19?
• All members attending sessions must have access to and updated personal details in Clubfit and our booking system.

Body Beyond Limits has referenced the following resources for the creation of this document.
COVID-19 Information for workplaces
Resource Kit
Australian Government, Department of Health 2020 • Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19:
COVID-19 infection control training
COVIDSafe app
The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee recommended special provisions be applied to vulnerable people in the workplace



Kerrin - Muscle gains challenger
Check out this transformation!! Kerryn is an absolute weapon and you can see that from his results.. We are super proud of the hard work he puts into every session and his nutrition.
Well done mate…A few words from Kerrin  below 👇👇
I’ve been training at bbl for around ten months now and couldn’t be happier with the results I’m achieving. Consistent training and healthy eating has never been a strength of mine but the motivation, guidence and support provide to me by the bbl team has been just what I needed. I first started training with mick because I wanted to learn how to train my body properly and I needed someone to push me and motivate me, which he certainly has done. I am continually seeing results and hitting new pb’s, i also feel like I’m learning something new with every session from different training techniques to the importance of fueling your body with the correct foods and resting your body when it needs it. I can’t recommend bbl highly enough, the gym, fitness classes and boot camps have something for everyone and cater for all fitness levels. Thank you to all the trainers and staff at bbl that make it the best gym in town.