6:30pm Yoga on Tuesday evening has been CANCELLED for the winter months. Watch this space for updates on when it is coming back!

6:30pm Gym legends is no longer running at that time and is now rotating with Calorie Circuit at 5:45pm.

You are required to make a booking to join in on our classes.

If you are a casual person or would just like to try out a class bring $15, a towel, come 15 minutes early to your first class, introduce yourself to your trainer and fill in this Casual visit form http://bit.ly/32iqv86 PRIOR to coming!

Class descriptions in class booking spots.

Our class timetable runs on periodisation programming –

Periodisation is defined as the “long-term cyclic structuring of training and practice to maximize performance to coincide with important competitions.1
Simply put Periodisation is a programme design strategy that governs planned, systematic variations in training specificity, intensity and volume.

There are numerous proven benefits to utilizing periodisation training for planned progression:

  • Management of fatigue, reducing risk of over-training by managing factors such as load, intensity, and recovery.
  • The cyclic structure maximizes both general preparation and specific preparation for sport your own personal strength and endurance ( we run endurance games and a powerlifting comp 6 times a year to gauge our performance)Anyone can join at any point to put a marker in the sand for where you are up to in your training.
  • Ability to optimize performance over a specific period of time
  • Accounting for the individual, including time constraints, training age and status, and environmental factors.