Member of the Month October – Natalie


?Natalie is such a hard worker in the gym, we have so proudly watching her increase her health and fitness and transform her body by doing our challenges and sticking with the plans set out for her. She chips away every day and we love her dedication to making healthy changes in her life. It’s people like Nat that keeps us going here. Natalie you are truly inspiring and we are so proud of you and everything you are achieving here at BBL. Keep rocking it, we’ve got you!?

A few words from this legend below ???

I am Natalie and I first got introduced to Body Beyond Limits from my Daughter Alannah to do a challenge with her. I was very sceptical of doing the challenge as I was so overweight and thought it would just be full of muscle men and woman who judge overweight people like me, like I have experienced in a lot of gyms I have joined before.
I have been overweight my whole life and it wasn’t until I came out about being sexually abused 7 and a half years ago did I realised I emotional ate to hide the pain from the world. After dealing and getting treatment for this I knew it was time to start my weight lost journey and start chiselling the outside of my body to show the world what I was really like on the inside. I started my weight lose journey some 4 years ago. Losing a total of 70kilos due to falling back into bad habits put some weight back on and the headset games started again for me like a yo-yo up and down with my weight.
I done my research on the gym and what impressed me was that Mick himself has his own journey with weight loss and I knew then that he will totally get the mindset you get in when being so over weight, Mick will understand the pain of not having any self-worth and not been seen for the person you really are. It was like a calling of some sort high above to say this is where you need to go and continue your weight lost journey
So I decided to do the challenge with Alannah and I totally had a ball, meeting all the friendly and supportive staff and having Mick take me under his wing and guide me through the training and the mind sets and the meal plans and the people that come to Body Beyond limits are so friendly, supportive and what I love best is there is no JUDGEMENT on the size you maybe.
I done my first challenge lost some weight and knew this was the start again I had to keep going with my weight loss journey and get back to the total 70kilos that I had previously lost before getting back into bad habits. I am currently on my 4th Challenge and I can happily say I have lost the weight I put on and am back to my 70kilos of weight loss all because I made the effort to go to the gym and use the tools that Mick and the team at Body Beyond limits has given me.
I made a promise to my self 4 years ago to never give up no matter how long it takes me to achieve a weight that I am happy and comfortable with being. I know I may have some setbacks but if I get knocked down, I get up again stronger and more determined to keep fighting this weight loss journey. I now know I am not on a diet I have a new eating habits for a new life style.