Member of the Month – Megan

Member of the month – Megan


We are so proud of Megan her dedication to training and nutrition since she started at BBL it is members like her that make up the BBL family. Her amazing results and love of BBL has earned her the member of the month this month. We love to see our members crushing it and staying on track like she has.

I started at BBL this year in January so I could start training with my best friend Liz again like old times – gaining my strength back , losing weight (that I had gained from two pregnancies ) and reducing anxiety and stress (which can come out to play as a parent living a busy lifestyle )where my goals I set to achieve. Liz had been a member of BBL for 18 months and was always telling me how great the gym was . At first I was a little hesitant due to having two young children – one being under the age of one and still quiet dependent on me and the other a busy 3 year old – both taking up a lot of my time and energy . I never liked leaving them much to go and do things for myself as mothers guilt would often kick in. At the end of last year I was starting to buy bigger clothes , not to mention still wearing some of my maternity clothes! I started to feel sluggish , anxious , overwhelmed and my confidence was starting to drop. I felt like I had lost my identity and I knew I needed to start putting myself and my health first sometimes . I started training with Liz- following one of Mick’s great programs in the gym and participating in some of the classes . I soon learnt that BBL was one of the best gyms I had ever stepped into . The qualified passionate staff are amazing , the support , encouragement and knowledge they share never goes unnoticed in my eyes and it’s definitely a place where not only myself but everyone feels that sense of belonging.
I have currently lost 10 kgs and nearly down 2 dress sizes since January . My confidence is coming back , my fitness has improved, I have learnt so much more about a healthy wellbeing including nutrition, exercise and managing stress levels , life balance and after my work outs I just feel so energetic , relaxed and happy .
I will continue to achieve my goals as well as maintain a happy healthy wellbeing at BBL . I want to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful staff at BBL , my gym buddies ( you know who you are ) and my family (espesh my husband Dave and Mum ) for all your support, praise and encouragement as I definitely am starting to feel extremely healthy once again ?.

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