Elle amazing transformation

This transformation is out of this world. We are so proud of how Elle has taken this journey by the horns and is crushing her goals. What an absolute legend..Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next Elle.
A few words from Elle below

I have been a member of BBL for the past 7 months. I began with the classes to improve my cardiovascular health after having been out of any kind of physical training for over 2 years. The classes are run by wonderful trainers. Very supportive and switched on. Always making sure every member doesn’t have any restrictions beforehand and then happily modifying the class to each individuals capacity. The care factor of BBL’s trainers is on point!! After aprox 3 months I decided to get some PT sessions to show me correct form and technical aspects of weight lifting in the Gym. I stepped away from classes to start working on my goals. Once the amazing PT’s gave me the tools I was confident enough to work on my goals on my own. All the members at BBL are fantastic. A very supportive family type of environment, a real team. Mid way through my journey to date i took The Raw Challenge at Doyalson with two of the PT’s and another cpl of BBL’s members. This kick started my personal challenge to myself to get my butt into gear for the next one because it literally kicked my ass. The PT’s stayed by my side the entire obstacle course, giving constant encouragement and support. I remember how daunting it was stepping into the weights room on my own for the first time. So much masculinity in that room. I am so glad I didn’t let fear hold me back because all those big guys make you feel welcome. A smile, an unsolicited but welcomed form correction. All egos are left at the door. I am smashing my goals and really proud of myself. Many people I’m noticing are asking me when I’m going to stop, saying things like “but your tiny, don’t lose anymore”. My journey will never be over, it’s just the beginning of an entire lifestyle overhaul. I can not thank BBL enough for giving us this space to train and it’s PT’s and members for being a constant force of support. My start weight was 117kg, my current weight is 72kg. Join BBL you won’t regret it 👊